Front 9 at Crystal Lake

Got a new tripod for shooting video. I set it up behind me at just about hand height and I really like the way it came out. Also, this is the first video I’ve made using final cut pro rather than iMovie.

First attempt at a ski video 7/28/16

Took the Quanum Nova Pro out to the lake with my GoPro Session and tried to film some waterskiing with varying levels of success. I’ve cut together my favorite parts of my dad skiing here and it isn’t too terrible. I just used the regular youtube stabilization this time and it seemed to work out pretty well. Flying a little lower and following a little closer would help greatly. A gimbal wouldn’t hurt either. :)

Quanum Nova Pro Maiden Voyage 7/26/16

Oh boy this thing is fun. The video isn’t very stable because of wind and it was my first time flying the new drone, but it’s still pretty cool. I have both the iMovie stabilized and unstabilized videos here for comparison’s sake.

Slow Roll Detroit 7/25/16

Unfortunately I’ve not yet gotten around to editing the slow roll footage. It was about 31GB of stuff so it could take a while. Check back!

Capac 7/18/16

2 sets each for me and my dad using the GoPro Session and the awesome Wakeye waterski video rig. Shot at Lake Tranquility in Capac, Michigan. Both of us are skiing at 22 off, my dad at 32 and me at 36 mph.

Evergreen Hills Golf Course 7/14/16

First video using the new GoPro Session camera. Just set the camera on the ground behind the teebox on my drives. Derped a bit and forgot to set it up for the first hole but the rest are pretty good. Also filmed Kim and our friend Cami toward the end of the round. Filmed in 720p100 but YouTube cuts the frames down to 60.